Study abroad. Easy.

Because having a consultant all to yourself (and your family) makes the difference.

First step: Let’s choose your own path.

The educational landscape has significantly changed over recent years. It is important to clarify potential objectives and expectations to make the most of a wonderful opportunity such as studying abroad. We are here to help you to shape your future. Through a consultancy with you and your family we will analyze your needs, passions, your goals and your doubts. We will help you in planning the training and directing the right choice. There’s no perfect school, just the perfect experience for you.



Through a tailored consultation we will identify the best educational path for the student according to his or her skills, possibilities, interests and career expectations. We will do this together. We will review together every step of the journey and the choices made, measuring with a delicate and critical growth phase for each individual. We will take care not only of the data and statistics, but we will consider the experience as a whole from its human, educational and professional point of view.


Customized Plan

There is no perfect school: there is the best fit for each single student. It is therefore important to study not only the objectives and the interests of the students, but also his/her personality and needs. After assessing the students goals and personality it will be easy to find the best option in terms of learning style, location, materials and social context.


Financial Aids

An experience abroad is a great opportunity for the student, but also a significant economic burden to the family. This is why I keep constant relations with colleges and universities to identify the institutions that are open to accommodate our students and their financial needs. These institutions will also offer scholarships and opportunities that can meet the needs of the family – financial ones included.


English B2

Language requirements are fundamental to embark on this journey. Thanks to my support, the student will be followed step by step to achieve the fluency required to optimize his/her experience. Also in this case, we will assess together the best solution: The Opportunities are many and with my help it will be easier to seize them.

An important step to live
with the right spirit.

To attend college while abroad is an important step for the formation of a young adult. To fit into a new environment, away from family, it can be really stressful both for the family and for those leaving. Relying on a consultant means to make more conscious decisions, to reduce uncertainty and to maximize the efforts, making the experience incredibly rich as a result. For everyone.

A complete experience: Extra-curricular activities.

Extra-curricular activities reveal student’s significant potentials. Whether it is a sport, volunteering or an internship it is important for the student to be involved in a process of growth also outside the classroom. People in charge of admissions perfectly know that. On one hand, it is important to give prominence to the activities performed by the student during the years of training. On the other hand, it is important to understand the different activities that you will actually be able to carry out in college.

Everything you will do will become an integral part of your path and it will allow you to make the most of a unique experience. Improving your own curriculum in preparation to the labor market.

People at the heart

I deal with supporting students in learning – and life – experiences all over the world, with a conviction: A good plan, designed on the individual person, is what is needed to ensure best results. Not only in terms of academic evaluations, but in order to build the future you want.

Together, we will understand how to fully enjoy this path, why you should undertake it and what training may be the right one for you. Your experience living abroad will be an essential part of your cultural heritage in terms of open-mindedness, problem solving, adaptation and analysis skills. Any type of career you see in front of you. Forever.

Let’s talk about it

I know how many doubts may be created by the idea of studying abroad.
Let’s get to know each other, and let’s talk about what can be simple and stimulating. Together.

Get an appointment. How much does it cost your peace of mind?